New Italjet Dragster Price & Spec

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New Italjet Dragster Price & Spec

As discussed in a previous writeup the new Dragster has had quite a few improvements since the unveiling of the concept model back in 2018, a rare thing as almost all vehicles get massively overhyped at the concept stage but have a lot less wow factor by the time they actually hit the market. Not the case with Italjet!



Italjet has also released price information with the following recommended retail price for the Europen Market.

Dragster 125cc €5100 +OTR

Dragster 200cc €5600 +OTR

These prices may fluctuate slightly based on logistics costs, local taxes and countries outside of mainland Europe. So far dealers have been announced for Italy, the UK, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Singapore and the Philippines, I expect dealers in other countries will follow soon.

Being the Italjet geek that I am I've read most the initial reviews from the world's press and I'm yet to find a bad one, Its been massively well received by almost everyone. The initial slight criticism from the public was in regards to engine choice but this seems to have died down and people are beginning to realise the Dragsters Italian designed liquid-cooled engine is a good offering which easily gives a level of performance on par with the market leaders. The 125cc engine has the maximum 15bhp allowance, and the 200cc 20hp unit is again on par with the big players.

Italjet also plans to showcase the performance at a special test ride event for the worlds press and special guests held at IMOLA race track where Italjet is currently carrying out testing.



The main talking point at the moment seems to be the price, but is it really expensive for what you get? Let's take a closer look at the package and how the Dragster 125cc stacks up against other high-end 125 machines on the market.


Italjet Dragster 125 2020 £4399 - £4599 (depends on country)

KTM RC 125 2020 £4449

Vespa GTS 125 2020 £4499

Aprilia RS 125 2020 £4499

Yamaha MT 125 2020 £4449

Yamaha XMAX TM 2020 £4645

Honda Forza 125 2019 £4395

Kawasaki Ninja 125 2020 £4499

Kawasaki J 125 2019 £4099


Some of you will be cursing me saying "The Dragster is a scooter, you cant compare it to motorcycles" to answer that the Dragster has fans in both the scootering community and the biker world. Massimo Italjets CEO also hates to call it a scooter coining the phrase "Urban Super Bike" It's easy to see why. The Dragster is trying to forge its own segment and refuses to be put in a box. In truth like it or not the Dragster is a crossover and appeals to a broad spectrum of people.  

Still not convinced its worth its price? let's look at the Dragsters equipment. The Dragster is made in Italy. It uses an Aprilia designed engine, Brembo Brakes, Domino Grips, Pirelli Tyres, N.I.S.A seat, Magneti Marelli electrics and Bitubo suspension. The new Dragster really is an authentic Italian thoroughbred, one of the last true Italians and worthy of making much more expensive machines feel inadequate in the styling department.  



To get a feel for what a specification like this costs let's do a little shopping list for someone looking to add a few of the above parts to a Vespa GTS, I realise that an owner buying parts for there own bike is very different to a manufacturer buying in bulk but I think it still makes a valid point so stay with me!

  • Brembo Brake Calipers £600
  • Bitubo Suspension £495
  • NISA Seat £300

    Total £1395 just to add a handful of upgrades which would make a brand new Vespa GTS 125 around a £6000 scooter. This level of detail is a huge commitment by Italjet to build the new Dragster up to an industry-leading spec, the like of which is usually only seen on top-end superbikes.

    Even down to the projector-style front lamps, LED daytime running lights, sequential flowing rear light and turn signals no expense has been spared on building the next generation of the Italjet Dragster




    Also worth noting that the new Dragster is a completely new design and not thrown together from the parts bin of other bikes, the new Dragster is a totally new bike designed from the ground up even Italjets patented I.S.S front suspension system has undergone a revamp.



    So there we have it the new Dragster out specs anything else in its segment, its made in Italy, it has the styling of a Lamborghini and gives industry-leading performance in class and costs about the same as a new Vespa GTS. What's not to like? 






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    • Dave Chitty

      I had the chance to sit on one at the bike show, and was amazed at the build quality. I have ordered a 200 to go along side my 180 mk1. Well done italjet for bringing back an iconic scooter.

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