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The new Dragster really is an authentic Italian thoroughbred, one of the last true Italians and worthy of making much more expensive machines feel inadequate in the styling department.

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All video & text credits to Yes, after more than 20 years the legendary Italjet Dragster returned and was shown in its final form at EICMA 2019 Milan. Nicknamed "Urban Superbike" for its prized chassis, it takes up the concept of a sporty and innovative scooter that the Bolognese manufacturer invented with great flair at the end of the nineties. Find more technical specs information in the video. Enjoy!  ➪ EICMA 2019, Milano - Worldwide Motorcycle Exhibition: ➪ EICMA 2018, Milano - Worldwide Motorcycle Exhibition: ➪ Promo Motor Girls: ➪ Promo Motor Girls Instagram: Facebook:...

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    Before we talk about the new Dragster I would like to congratulate the Italjet team on everything they have achieved so far what they have done in a relatively small space of time is nothing short of amazing and would have had even the industry leaders breaking a sweat to pull this off. Its quite clear that Massimo Tartarini Italjets CEO is building the new Dragster simply out of passion, you can clearly tell it's built with a real desire to change the game, no expense has been spared and a truly unique product has been created which...

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